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Tintumon Jokes
English sir to students: Give some examples using 'day' ?.
Gopi : Annual day
Thomaskutty : Birthday.
Tintumon : "Enthuvaaday"
Sir : Entha late aayathu..
Tintu : Nadannu varan vaiki sir.
Sir : Bussil vannoode??
Tintu : Athu sir nte molodu paranjaal kelkkande...
Tintu mon ulpede 30 peru sabarimallakku poyi.
avide vechu thirakkil Tintu Mon koottam thetti ottakkayi.Tintu mon
announcement counteril chennu: “Ente koode vanna 29 pere kaanaanilla…! !”
Ithu ketta oraal: ” 29 pere kaananille….? ?
Tintu Mon: ” pinne njaan enthu parayanam…enne kaanaanilla ennu
parayanoo….?? ?”
Father and tintumon were standing in front of the tiger’s cage at the zoo.
The father was explaining how ferocious and strong tigers are, and
tintumon was taking it all in with a serious expression.
"Dad,” tinumon said finally, “if the tiger got out of his cage and ate you
up …”
“Yes, son?” the father said expectantly.
“What bus should I take home?” tinumon finished.
Tintumon doctorodup Plastic sugery cheiyan etra roopayakum?
Tintu:any discount?
Tintu Plastic njan konduvannalo.
Tintumon askd d tchr 4 2 weeks leave.....
tintu:ente appooppan marichu
teacher:ninte appooppanalle kazhinja aazhcha marichathu?
tintumon:ammoomma veendum ketti!
Teacher : What is "Al2 O3? ?
Ramu : Alumina.
Teacher: Tintu, What is ‘Fe2 O3??
Tintumon : "Filomina"
Tintumon went to his Dad's Friend's home late night.Uncle offered him to
Sleep in Baby's room.
Tintumon refused because the Baby might Cry at Night and went to sleep in
the drawing hall.
Next morning he saw a Beautiful young Girl at the breakfast table,
Tintumon : Who are you?
The girl replied,"I am Baby..."
Tintumon was asked to write a sign board for the traffic near the school.
He wrote"Drive carefully! Don't kill the students, wait for the teachers"
Caril pokunna achan tintumonod:"indicator kathunnundo? onnu nokku"
tintumon:"undu…illa…undu… illa…undu…illa… undu…illa…undu… illa…"
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