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Tolling the bell for 35 mm film in a couple of years time
Rishi K. Manoj
 Story Dated: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 17:38 hrs IST 
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Thiruvananthapuram :  The death knell for 35 mm film making is ringing around the corner with the announcement by Kodak, the leading makers of 35 mm, to stop production this year, says well known film editor and the Artistic Director of IFFK ,  Binapaul Venugopal .  While speaking to Manorama Online , she said that it is unfortunate , but no way back in the light of film making world over shifting to digital format .

‘Unfortunately 35 mm film making will be a history in two-three years time. Kodak is already closing down their production of 35mm film. They announced it and other production companies will follow the suit shortly. In fact we have a top discussion at this festival on this particular issue. Top three cameramen, Govind Nihalani, Anil Metha and Santhosh Sivan are going to talk about this at IFFK . “- Binapual  told Manorama Online .    

Cost effective digitalisation  in shooting , online and offline editing, distribution and projection has made it impossible to continue with film negative and reels anymore and the companies like Kodak are forced to shut down  their  production line .

“The DCP( Digital Cinema Package )  is after all their ways to protect films from piracy and copying at any level . Last year , we had actually no problem with Key Delivery Message ( KDM )  password projection.  But this year we have more theaters with KDM projection – Kalabhavan, Kairali, Sree Padmanabha and Anjali. Last year Sree Padmanabha was okay and this time Anjali has a different server based 2 k projection. They can screen 4 K content in 2K projection.

Kairali and Kalabhavan are renovated with this KDM facility. Downloading problems is always there and we are allowed with only three downloading for a film, one for trial and two are for screening. We download the particular scheduled film with a 24 hours deadline period,” Binapaul says.  

“ Even the Director of Cannes Film Festival told me that they had such a failure  problem in KDM based password projection .  These all are technological problems everywhere. These are possibilities and we are trying our maximum to be prepared. A separate team from Mumbai is coming to monitor these problems while screening in theaters. They will be at IFFK with round the clock alert “, - Binapaul  said.  

“Not be a problem and I am optimistic . But at the same time I am a little bit suspicious of technology,” she added giving apprehension of an increasingly digitalized projection of films .

KDM enabled screening of digital cinema demands multiple passwords for a single downloaded projection of a film in a particular theatre.  It is usually a triple password combination to download the DCP to screen a film. Today , majority of the films  screened at major film festivals  around the world are in DCP- KDM format.      

Around ten DCP films could not to be screened at the recently held Mumbai International Film Festival due to password error and download failure.  In Goa, at IFFI , the Film Directorate was fortunate enough thanks to better projection facilities at the permanent venue. Only one film in the Cinema of the World section failed in password projection.

Festival Director of IFFK , Sankar Mohan told Manorama Online on the concluding day of the festival that he felt relieved greatly by luck in conducting festival for twelve days without any major  issues in digital projection. Hopefully, Binapual too seems to believe in it.
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