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August Club: Intended classic turns dampener 
Padmakumar K
 Story Dated: Saturday, April 27, 2013 11:52 hrs IST 
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Rima Kallingal in August Club
Kottayam: The opening sequence itself is the tell tale of the whole movie. The loud background score, with which it begins is a nuisance and you are settled for unplanned buggy-ride. It moves from one scene to the other on a rough track. But no sooner than late you realize that it is a story that circles around the farthest periphery of promiscuity and sexual perversion.

Savithri (Rima Kallingal), a socialite wife of a high-salaried professional Nandagopan (Murali Gopi), is a litterateur and a talented chess player. She is promoted by KPT Menon (Thilakan), at a club named August Club where she reigns supreme as an invincible champion of chess.

But her pride are dwindled by a young, charismatic fellow called Shishya (Praveen Anidil) who proves to be no match for Savithri. The whole episode develops at a point when her friend displays her penchant for perversion to make life more colourful. Things take a different turn as Savithri dragged towards Shishya's exceptional charisma with whom here interest and tastes match.

No curiosity is generated till late after half time and there is no excitement on where the whole course is heading to. Chess appears to be the protagonist of the film and it serves as the main backdrop. Other characters appear on the scene from nowhere. Some comic relief is provided through the character Lona (Sunil Sukhada) with his Thrissur slang and the events that follow at a place called Marottichal in Thrissur is a respite. But there too the purpose is not defined.

In fact, there is nothing happening. There is no intensity of feelings of any sort. The dull camera work and the background score is what has marred the movie to such an extend. The film penned by Ananthapadmanabhan and directed by K B Venu doesn't fit into the large canvas called cinema. The limitations of stretching a small story into a full length movie is always visible.

Of course, some dialogues are real-life and original. A couple of songs are good. Choreography on the checkered floor is technically ok but never close to 'graceful'. The movie could have become a classic, what it was intended to be, had the treatment been not so mediocre. The drama hots up towards the end. But by the time it's time for the curtains.

Simple Rima Kallingal is exceptionally gorgeous. Her performance is that of a seasoned actor. Thilakan is awesome and Sukumari in the role of a housemaid has done remarkably well. It takes us back to the subject-rich nineties of Malayalam cinema.

However, it is definitely not a bad movie. There is a story it. But neither is it the one that you would book your tickets for.

Rating: 2/5
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