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Jaggery Paeni 
 Story Dated: Saturday, September 20, 2014 0:35 hrs IST 
Jaggery Paeni
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This is a sweet meat preparation, which resembles the doughnut. Irresistible to those with a sweet tooth...!
01. Refined wheat flour (maida) - 1 cup (sifted)
02. Egg whites  -  1
03. Ghee -  2 tbsp
04. Ghee -  to fry
05. Rice flour  - 2 tbsp
06. Sugar  -  1 cup
07. Water  -  ½ cup
08. Vanilla essence - ¼ tsp
09. Cardamom (powdered) -  ¼ tsp

01. Knead the maida, egg white and ghee with a little water to make a soft dough.
02. Roll it out into thin chapathis. Apply melted ghee on the surface of each chapathi and dust it with rice flour.
03. Later, cut it into ribbonlike pieces with a sharp knife.
04. Take each piece, join the ends and fold inside to a  round shape.
05. Stick the ends to the folds with a little water.
06. While folding, take care to see that the greased and dusted surface is turned towards the inside in the folds.
07. Fry this in hot ghee or oil.
08. Dissolve the sugar in the water and boil it till it becomes a syrup. Add vanilla essence and powdered cardamom before removing the vessel from the flame.

09. Transfer this hot syrup into another bowl and beat it with a fork. When the syrup begins to turn white, place the fried jaggery paenis one by one into it, roll it in the syrup and place it in a greased plate.

10. Avoid touching it with your hands, to preserve the glossy appearance of the syrup on the surface of the paenis.

11. After it cools, store in air tight containers.

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