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Mrs K.M. Mathew's
Paal Ada Pradhaman
Pradhaman, especially Paal Ada Pradhaman, is the sweetest ending to a sumptuous Kerala Sadya! This will have you asking for more and more and more!
Vermicelli Payasam
Vermicelli, milk, cashewnuts and raisins come together in no time at all to make a comforting and hearty dessert.
Parippu Payasam
Jaggery gives this lentils based dessert flavoured with fried fragrant coconut slivers, ginger and clarified butter a...
Breakfast, lunch or dinner, these fluffy lacy pancakes are sure crowd-pleasers!
Tender Coconut Pudding
Tender Coconut Pudding is the result when a few ingredients come together to make something surprisingly delicious.
Puttu is a breakfast staple in every Kerala home. Steamed in a dedicated puttu vessel, these rice cakes are healthy as...
A dough made from rice flour kneaded in hot water gives these crepes its delicate texture!
Try to resist these amazing rice string hoppers. You would lose terribly!
Soft, tender and flaky with the most delectable texture, the Kerala Parotta creates a perfect foil to any meat or...
Egg Curry
A simple and mouth-watering recipe for curried, hard-boiled eggs! This curry is a great accompaniment with hot appams...
Egg Roast
An elegant no-nonsense mixture of hard-boiled eggs, sautéed onions and spices!
Paneer and Peas Pulao
This is different from the regular peas pulao, in that, the peas-paneer combination adds to the richness and...
Mutton Chops 
Mutton chops, the name sounds complicated but the preparation is definitely not so. Follow the exact quantities and...
Special Ghee Rice
Thinking of preparing something special for lunch on Sunday? Here’s something new to add that will add that extra bit...
Mathi Vattichathu
Sardines, cooked on a low flame in an earthen vessel, with a flavourful masala.
Mutton Chilli Fry
Spicy tender mutton pieces in a thick spicy tomato based gravy, the mutton chilli fry is unbelievably tasty.
Yam Thoran (Chena Thoran)
Yams are great and can work wonders cooked in different ways as this dish is sure to prove.
Celebrity Taste
Seafood Pizza

Bored with the usual ‘pizza in a cardboard box’? Why not make your own stylish pizza with seafood, mushrooms and...

Nadan Ruchi
Spinach Cutlet

Spinach in cutlets! No apprehensions... your family will love it and the spinach cutlet will turn out to be a...


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