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Taste of Kerala
No South Indian meal is complete without the sambar, a dal-vegetable preparation. Here is an authentic recipe that will bring you rave reviews, for sure.
There are different ways to make the erissery, but here it is made with yam and raw banana. A tasty side dish, to add...
This is a curd-based preparation, which can be made with a variety of vegetables. Here, pumpkin, pineapple and banana...
Kurukku Kaalan  
The kaalan is a slightly thick preparation, with curd , coconut and vegetables like yam and raw banana.
Rasam, like sambar, is a popular curry. It is very thin in consistency, and goes well with rice.
A regular at every sadhya, the olan is made with red gram and  vegetables cooked in coconut milk, which gives it a rich...
Pazham Pradhaman  
Last but certainly not least, comes the pradhaman, the dessert of the sadhya. The pradhaman comes in different...
Avial can perhaps be referred to as one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Kerala. Several vegetables are cooked...
Palada Pradhaman    
This is also a pradhaman, but made with rice and milk. Again, a rich and delicious dessert, it is a fitting finale to...
Ripe Mango Curry    
A combo of sweet and sour, the ripe mango curry (pazham manga curry) is a treat to the taste buds.
An unusual combination of ginger and tamarind brings a tinge of sweet and sour to the sadhya, to add variety to the...
Celebrity Taste
Seafood Pizza

Bored with the usual ‘pizza in a cardboard box’? Why not make your own stylish pizza with seafood, mushrooms and...

Nadan Ruchi
Spinach Cutlet

Spinach in cutlets! No apprehensions... your family will love it and the spinach cutlet will turn out to be a...


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