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Salads & Soups
Fathoosh Salad
If you are in for a quick dinner or on a diet or want to get rid of those excess calories of the previous night’s party, here’s an ideal meal for you, healthy and light.
Israeli Salad  
You will be surprised at how simple the recipe looks but definitely amazed by the taste.
Pasta Chickpea Soup
A soup that is almost like a meal in itself. The pasta, rosemary and chickpeas complement each other beautifully to...
Summer Pasta Salad
Who doesn’t love pasta? Here’s yet another delicious pasta recipe that your family is sure to approve of.
Corn Pumpkin Soup
Healthy and nutritious, outrageously yummy, the corn pumpkin soup is the right way to start any meal.
Mediterranean Salad
A very refreshing summer salad with high vitamin content.
Vietnamese Pho
This tasty soup can be prepared with either beef or chicken.
Watermelon Salad  
Chill the heat and thrill your family with this all new recipe. The water melon salad is the right choice to beat the...
Mosambi Salad
Oranges in salad? If that puzzles, then try out this refreshing and ravishing salad of orange tossed with shallots,...
Pea Soup with Mint
A quick and refreshing soup perfect for summers.
Cream of Leek Soup
This is a crowd pleaser and easy to make.
Chick Pea and Spinach Soup
A refreshing soup to serve all year round.
Tomato and Carrot Soup
Tomato and carrots are the perfect fusion for an easy to prepare soup which is rich in vitamins.
Cucumber Salad
A healthy salad recipe, that tastes great as it gets topped with slight hot and salt tinge. Like almost all other...
Prawn and Lemon Grass with Mushroom
A spicy soup with prawns and lemon grass.
Roasted Pumpkin Soup
This simple and tasty soup recipe is a perfect recipe for the winters.
Shrimp Chowder
Creamy , yummy and very easy to make.
Celebrity Taste
Seafood Pizza

Bored with the usual ‘pizza in a cardboard box’? Why not make your own stylish pizza with seafood, mushrooms and...

Nadan Ruchi
Spinach Cutlet

Spinach in cutlets! No apprehensions... your family will love it and the spinach cutlet will turn out to be a...


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