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Beetroot Wine
Beetroot is a root vegetable that is a rich source of nutrients and has a host of health benefits for all. This fruity and aromatic wine, made from beetroot, is sure to be very popular, and a visual treat for your festive spread as well, with its intense colour.
Passion Fruit Wine  
Passion fruit is a small tropical fruit, which has edible seeds and pulp inside. It is known to have a high content of...
Pineapple Wine
This is made with the skin and fruit of pineapples and is a nice wine to have, especially in summer. Easy to make and...
Nutmeg Wine
Jaathikka or nutmeg is a much preferred spice and used to make pickles, wines and chammanthi. Make the most of it when...
Grape Wine  
This is, by far, the most popular, home made sweet wine, made with succulent, black grapes.The deeper the colour of the...
Mulberry Wine
Reminded of the age-old nursery rhyme, ‘here we go round the mulberry bush’? Mulberry fruits are believed to be of high...
Green Dart Special
Mango and pineapple pulp whipped chill with ice cubes and flavoured with chocolate and pista sauce,  the green dart...
Here’s the recipe for a cool and intoxicatingly refreshing sharbat made with just mint and ice, an ideal welcome drink...
Semolina Drink
Now its time for something sweet, a quick to make welcome drink or even a light dessert after a hearty meal.
Raw Mango Juice
Delicious raw mango juice! What better way to treat yourself? Rich in Vitamin C, raw mango juice is undoubtedly the...
Passion Fruit Wine
Passion fruit although sour, can be used to make the most delicious wines and cakes. Make the most of the passion fruit...
Pineapple Skin Wine
Getting ready to throw away those pineapple peels? Wait…here's how to make some delicious wine from it, with very...
Spicy Wine  
Red chilies are probably seldom used in wine, but the combination of spices makes this spicy wine stand out!
Grape Wine  
Grape wine is no doubt the most common home-made wine. It should be made well in advance so that it is ready for use...
Chill the heat with this cool Mexican appetizer.
Ginger Wine
Ginger along with lemon juice and honey are used to make this wine, which makes it both sweet and mildly spicy.
Banana Wine
This widely available variety of banana is best suited to make wine. The procedure is quite simple as well.
Celebrity Taste
Seafood Pizza

Bored with the usual ‘pizza in a cardboard box’? Why not make your own stylish pizza with seafood, mushrooms and...

Nadan Ruchi
Spinach Cutlet

Spinach in cutlets! No apprehensions... your family will love it and the spinach cutlet will turn out to be a...


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