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Beetroot Salad
Better raw and shredded, either alone or combined with any other salad. Beet root a rich source of anti oxidants and betaine, helps in slowing down aging by keep one healthy with a sound heart. Beet root can cure liver problems including fatty lever caused by alcohol abuse.
Sausage Roll
Delicious dish made from ground meat with salt, herbs and spices and rolled in to.
Special Fish Curry
Kerala fish curries commonly use black tamarind (kudam puli) as a souring agent. This recipe uses regular tamarind as a...
Mango Lassi
Sweetened mango pulp mixed with yogurt (curd) is one of the most popular beverage in North India. The perfect cooler is...
Biscuit Pudding
Not only a kids' favourite, but elders' too. This desert is easy to make to hit any party.
Semiya Pulao
Semiya pulav is an interesting variety ideal for breakfast, lunch or evening meal.
Chicken Hotpot
Hot pot cooking boasts a history of more than 1000 years starting with the Mongolian warriors who cooked in their heavy...
Brinjal Fry
Brinjal, called egg plant , is fleshy and has a meaty texture . Similar to something of a non - veg fry in look as well...
Made from flattened rice, poha is an easy to cook nutritious snack. It is a right choice for break fast or brunch.
Bitter Gourd Ada
Most bitter of all fruits, bitter gourd has excellent medicinal values and a common medicinal food for diabetics....
Dates and Cashewnut Fry
Dates are rich with many medicinal properties and its  tonic effect .An abundant source of energy and easily...
Banana Coconut Fry
Banana, ghee, sugar and coconut – what a yummy mouth watering irresistible combination!
Watermelon Shake
Watermelon shake, an ideal beverage that cool hot summer days and do away with fatigue.
Banana Slice (Kai Pola)
This is a feast for banana lovers, a mouth watering mix made on mild flame.
Vegetable Chappathi
Chappathis can be made all the more nutritious and tasty when mixed with chopped vegetables.
Naan is leavened flat bread  of Indian origin which is different from the traditional western bread . It is different...
Masala Bread Roast
This teatime snack is sure to be loved by kids and elders alike.
Celebrity Taste
Seafood Pizza

Bored with the usual ‘pizza in a cardboard box’? Why not make your own stylish pizza with seafood, mushrooms and...

Nadan Ruchi
Spinach Cutlet

Spinach in cutlets! No apprehensions... your family will love it and the spinach cutlet will turn out to be a...


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