Updated Sunday, March 29, 2015 03:44 AM IST
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Story Dated: Sunday, March 29, 2015 3:44 hrs IST
{ J ޢ O ߵ . cX. Ia JCW U x Z c MĿ x VA I K. cW K KA C ߵ dcĵZ I. O Ȣ K ccĢ. {W Z X F dOA{CW V A W dߵ{K . I c ߵ . VGT bAK. O޿ xB. YVG{ I B{W ߵ WAOZ dAK cX Oc J.

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ص {Mx KVA ߵ K IKK. KW ߵ X Oc {J WAK. 9 ɵZA ɵ 1976 c ߵ BK. AX KG B ZA Jߵ cߵ Mx W ֵIK. K J cJW K JX 7.4 AX K . O޷ {W K G V x߹ GK x. HJW C KC GϿ߂W bLAdAK K W ߵ {B. dx ߵ W X M Ĉ J A IW HAX JJ U 640 xdW K.

D ɵW: xVG߹ AW K ABK xX ߵ . B{W KU GJW xߵ ɢ W dɵ޵. ߵZ E ߿BK J MAK Z. ɵW޸ cĢ KA KA cAK. x{WM V տZ IJC O޷ dW JW U VJG߈. {AZ AW diWMK x . K ɵ{ O޷ AX . xV K â ߵcG x{ MAK U I xA AX. Xx Ĉ Aâ KJX. K xW KMAC AVA ~ Aޢ. cJW {AZ ~ M. F xZA ɵ { MAK x߹ X.

WJ U ZJ f { IJK cBZ. 16 A 1200 ޿U I x. A JW dAK , d, K I U܈ޢ ޼. õ d آȢ ÿA VM޿{ B{AK. VA x K K dΈ B{ H{I. آȢ d KW X dW A B{ J. VbW xW dX B X { XV{ dL V{Έޢ cAH JK. xV Ȣ JK x ΢ KB JW .

D d߹: cJW K 100 JX I 5.3 AX. dZ X{ MAK dɵȢ. 313 613 U XX J. W d آȢ ߿J VJK. x d߹ VM޿ VG, VG {W dVJA. x b߂VJW X bբ LW K MA. xBX XX AU BZ ߂ K. d VX X tf d ? x 18 . bC VjcK x d {߂. : 80 f.

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