Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2014 11:35 PM IST
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Story Dated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 23:35 hrs IST
G ߹ X ( V ) KW TAKU B tMG L K. KW ε X x V GA V . G bL ߹ ޷ V dA޿K ZA dΈ ޿K ZA XX c߹ ȿJ. G K CWɢ ֵW VX c߹ A ZA WX O dAK߈. IK x V VG x X BOZ XX cBAZ ޿ KW ޿AK.

x VG V ޿AK 浵c 溇K c xB{߈. V K. KW V ߹ MOZ GK LA ? X X O{ VG Z. VGZ, VG dߵ, Z. J xBZ VK. KW ƷߵZ x W VGAKI. U xB{ ΢. x dߵ, V . d dĢ.

JX J x WAKI? Aޢ. x ޵K BZ FI.

K: M A bAK. K EW K AW M߈. UWAW { . ޵OZ ~c. AJAK Z. B ~. x{ޢ Ȉ MJ. { UW ܢ IK G 溇K x AK. GM߈. X x{W K VA Aޢ. X xZ V G U A KAKVA ~A A߈. K x ޢ K. ȿU . â ȿW AKZA ~ Aޢ. fBZ AK ZA J â. cJߵ . ϿAX VV M ՂK K ߂. 13xU ޵ xߵ {߈. Mߵ{ WA fAX { ܢ. Aߠ595 xV. ϠGߵZ KH U.
A. ޿AOZ T޵. { x x߹ K dΈ â. ߹ { . Z ޿AK I ȿAޢ. VAB A xW iGψ.

I: V޿B{ c{ cBZA K. cB{W di. MV f U cB{I. xBW x dLâ. xA ޵. A V߹ AxZ. ޵ Z ޵޵X M KW . cB{C cB{ޢ K xMK.
I WU bX ޢ 1.5 xV IV dZ XX MV VKΈ. KW G ޼cL WMG LTU X{K. 88.7 W XX 100 ߵ JU {AZ ȈVX K â E A V c dcĵ{. W X 1.4 xV, 90 . ߵ tf W X â. x 20 ߵ d޷ߵ G.

K: b~c G K dXX d߈W G߂ ՂGU dΈ xX cK MZ T. KW dX WK c {ߵ. I WA߿A߈ K M. E xxM. . ߵ WL Ȣ. ȈAX X .

: F f W AK. V ޷ U VK 6.92 f. A߈J ޿Aâ . F f A G GOZ {U GA F f WKVA.

F: LcAX G. xiA آբ M K. f ޵J LcAV x MK G. آUV AW ޢd IW c ĿE VJA{. x߹ KW LcAA. J GW KL {.

dZ, W {I. ނ A x W A. VG x dZ 6.34 f, W 7.41 f.

D x d MY G: 9497104141
Nissan Terrano
Vintage Cars
Mahindra Adventure
Ford EcoSport-1
 dȢ ߵ{...
{JMZ dB{. dJW...
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