Updated Saturday, April 25, 2015 07:24 AM IST
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Story Dated: Saturday, April 25, 2015 7:24 hrs IST
fJ OM X. Mx KVA fBZ IK IMx KVA XMx ߵ AI߈. I ɼ K. x ɼ. ɼA dI.

Iޢ ޵JW ֵ K M WAX ~cfߵZ CW KW CߵI. W d B{K MX MGAJ. Ǣ E OJߵ GM ߂ G ܢ W W dX JW X ~ AK B{Mx L߂ B. 1973 A G K 1978, 1981 G ޵{ dGM{ G ȿJ ɼ Kޢ 1982 W J. VG WU K V K .

K ɼ K J ޵J . ߵJX JX d ɼ ޼cB{. AMU OX d A{ GJ AW W B A AX ޼cB{W ɼW . 1991W Iޢ 1999W Kޢ B. 2006 xV 30 GW dVMAMG JX ޢ LcB I. KW 2009W K X Gxߵ dX Wɢ A{ MZ LcJ. X xd MVG:

D ɵW: x Cߵ I. xx d޵X YdZ آȢ AX J d f߂ ɵJWM I B{J ȿMA. V Xdx , A E, ޵ d XX آB{ ߵ{AZ cBZA VJ. , VGX V޷Z B آBZA W d B{ fb MAK Z dMV x, f M߂AK tȿC K d߂AK.

M d KAK X W V{ IA WK cwc. ~cB{W : ܼX {A{ G dɵ֢ K Y V ޢ, dW A G K d޺ ޢU V V XAxV, ߵ X x, 17 F W, V dLU V x߹, M XV, XVG, ܵdߵ ޢ B XdW , K x, K x οA AA UAAޢ, ܵdߵ dU XxZ, x xV, Gxߵ , dAK X XZ, 12 AU 5.1 W A x I x, {A W ... cJ Z JBJK I. I VK K d 溇ޢ, F VA. x K οAK x GߵZAU. CW IZAAޢ.

D d߹: ֵ IGL c, A I? I آAK. ZW YdZ آȢ X Wd dΈ. dLAK AA X{ { CV cGV آB{ VK. ܢ G dLâ. MK dBW W 溇߈. 3200 Y W W E AJWJK WK 202 45 VA. AZ 40 { ߵ. I VW Z. W ޿߂W ĵ{ ߵ d޵X dA ܵdߵ d̵ dxc d޵X dL آ I d߹ AK. I K KICW BZ d߹ X 溇K {ψ.

I Z ߿J W IM d޵ U d{߹ IM޵ޢ. XX dW K d~JM XB VJK. F Gxߵ V޵W dW BKK KOZ W A߿ޢ.

D : 40.55 f

D x d: G 9847339448
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