Updated Thursday, July 17, 2014 11:15 AM IST
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Story Dated: Thursday, July 17, 2014 11:15 hrs IST
B{ xW ޷AK {X MZ JU I. Lá NU ccآ? ġ á κ?
XV, M.

LcX W ߵ Cߵc ޷AK B{ á {X K ġK dɺJġ. X xW G U AK á IKġ. VK VJW dVJAK ߵ dL آB{ ߮ (| /f ) U ޷ߺI M. f UJM ֡ JW VJ ޷AK {X K I dc d޼B{I. x U {AK VJK Ká W dȢ. U շJW {I޵K â B AK.

{X AZ V xV, XX A, IV K {MJW dߺ޵ آfA Ká x d޼Ȣ. M W X U E IV AW U{I޵A {X A.

c {X{W UJW Mߺ X AZ K IKġ. K fU X AZ ޷AX B. KW X AZ յBZ ޢUá. {X OZ xA{K dյ â IAKW ޢ֢ E dMX AZ K á MZ ޷AK. dMX AZ VAOZ U 187 d Wcء W d {A K I. A{ յZ ޷AK {X{I. VVע xIK AZ {X{ fߺ Aܢ ޷AK dɵ A{á. AZ {X{W dAW ĿX VAK AZ W c. {XZ Ȣ ߺX VJAK á ccJ â.

^ {X{ K dM Aޢ.

dM 1:  AZ (X, dMX) A ɺ á Uġ. O, Ϣ BZ dAKġ ĿX Ax{ x{ VJA. JX {X CW VJAW V xA{E ġ Aâ.

dM 2:  2 W ٵߵ K |á d . x |B{ ȡ VJA. Ax{ x{ VAI cK d F VJAW {X xW ޵. 2 K آ MJ F, C K B{W cá.

dM 3:  ߗ05 K CȢ ޷AK. W 2 Kȡ ɵU |B{ JX dAW Ŀ Ax{ VJGI. K Já Ȣ W MKġ. JMx EW I K dMU Ká KW. dL آJ xV, GV O K dA آfAKM Z ޷A ޢ. KW ɺ (AZ) {X{AZ A á.

xW JU {XX W dAX x JUġ ߺW d֡I?
X, GϢ.

÷W ĵI޵. KW d֡BZA cI. Jȡ |Cߵc ޷AK {XZ cc ޷AX . f VMI޵OZ VZ ޷Aޢ K â MK VA. O ߺ{ xZ ޷AK BZA ע . KW ɺ (AZ) JM VJޢ. f VJUW {X V xK dĢ.
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