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Last updated Sat, Apr 19, 2014 02:16 AM IST
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 Story Dated: Saturday, April 19, 2014 2:16 hrs IST 
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E J߿W AW ȿAK KJ GA. 20 { xW MAX A 12 V. ע I EMZ X A JW xZ տՂK.

Lߵ,cY آJXآ { GAA BB. GX cV ߵ{տՂވ ߢcJA GAI. E AJ JW d V fMG.xK W GW d߂ K տՂK LVK߂. W K x 47 A dW J. dJVM X {ᢠ տՂK.

{Z NW AI޵K ĵJW AK ޵J߿J VΈ. KW LcMU A޼cB{ ޵ آGB{ ޷AMK { J . c޼cB{W, dc߂ AW, A ~cǢ. W { c K.

A آB{ A B ֢ A dL߈. AXW G IZ AK AZ, IZ câ A{W x߿U ޷Zꮈޢ ͢. cY {W Ƣ X K X GߵZA d޷߂ xޢ iJW ͿzV ޷߂K U Gxߵ {.IJA{ G UxZ ޷{ { AIK.

آJ ע Z vc . {W Z JK bL ߂K. { ߵ޷KK . J{ZA A آB{ d߈ A B޵.

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f, â B{ 赵{W xߵ A{U ޼c A K A.31 ޿ B{U ޼cJ 27 ޿ AZ ꮈޢ Ģ. bϢ fAI BZA VA bAX xJ ߵ cX ޼c A濠Iޢ J. CW AZ A ߵ.

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KG, A ֢ AU X յJW dLâ JAIU ΢ VX (Yd) ߂ 1994 W dX W XX (dx) J. K ǵK dc AZA d. cY {W â Ă K AMG ޷JWG A.

΢ 2004 W MGMZ AX dX V (MAX) d߂߈. d ֵAA JW, dc߂ MAX VGU bȢ.YdX dW MAzVA f. A VNAZA cߵZA dcU W Z X (XV) A{ U dLB{ VAK. dA{ ABX ֵUV.

V cY GAW ȿBM. آJ ע Fآ Mx LC X XV cMG߈. LÂ AdLJ VJK ޼ߵV, dc߂ MAzV MZ VߺLJ ćGId.

MG AdL ΢ W I YdW MAX B VG. A{W x߿X G UxZ A ޷{ W dLA.

A آA Jܢ dGX, dX, V, d, dWB ޼cB{ ޼b AK. f, ߵV ֵ dLBZ ȿMA . A XW K߿AK .

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