Updated Friday, August 01, 2014 01:03 PM IST
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W ޵ޢ       *    HV VյW  34 cɵV      *    W 80 V  
{ dY CW 683   
M U { dY CWV W1(xa ȼV), xa (ZGVM)ߵ{ {A fAޢ. 683 {U. W W C{A߮ ȿJ...
1085 YxZ (dX)  
߰W d{ YxZ (dX)1085 {A fAޢ. XVA . ͿXVA dU 100 {ZM. VV,G AV, A,...
߰: 300 W ȼa ߵcG  
xx C Lc W ȼa ߵcG (C߹) ߵA f f߂. 300 {U. YX fAâ. f bAK x 11. ߺUVA. ߵ:...
x cL ?  
Ģ VJW Lgɵ cJ OI. m 12 VJ صܢ. Z J ٢ K X JCU JW K UIX Xȵ޿ E. GW I...
YA : 345 Z  
YA xW W, W d{ 濵AW x, x K ߵ{ 345 {A f f߂.  U 320 { 25 ޵޷...
Nehru Group of Institutions,
Learn from the pioneers Nehru Group of...

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