Kallil Jain temple
Location : Situated at the Asamannur panchayat 18 km north of Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district is the Kallil Temple.

A huge boulder over the cave like Garbagriha (sanctum sanctorum) of the temple conveys the illusory effect of being suspended in space.

One can't but speculate on the splendour of the temple and its marvellous architecture. Local myth tells how the goddess, in order to rest in its shade, threw the huge boulder to the sky.

However, the hillock on which the temple stands has been worn through constant soil erosion.

The temple not only has historical relevance, it is a unique spot for gathering a wealth of information on the Jain civilization that flourished and as some say was the predominant religion in Kerala up to the 7th century AD.

Hinduism, which promoted Vishnavism and Shivaism, saw a resurgence in the 6th century AD and soon Jainism was on the wane. The Kallil temple has many symbols characteristic of the Jain cult.

While some archaeologists contend that the deity enshrined in the temple is that of Padmavathi, others believe it to be Sidhayika, a prominent deityof Jainism.

In the temple, the figure of Parswanatha with the famous 'Three layered umbrella' is seen to the left of Mahaveera.

There are also the reliefs of a lion and two courting 'gandharvas' (celestial beings).

Despite the archaeological evidences, the present day mythology traces the story of three goddesses who wandered in search of happiness and considered it appropriate to settle down in Iringol, Vaykkara and Kallil respectively.

It is said that they were enchanted by the serene locales.In the temple festival, the related shrines of Vaykkara and Iringol too join the rituals and festivities.

It is also considered that Aryabhatta, the great mathematician of the bygone age lived here for many years.
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