Updated Tuesday, April 28, 2015 08:00 PM IST
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 Story Dated: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 20:0 hrs IST 
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d a ޵ . AW JV ߿ G޵X M߈. {Ja ȿ ܂dJA οB K K VJ AK. J ȿ VJߵ cc޵K.

܂dJ K w߷ޢ H VJߵ d~c ߂G ߵ{G߈. ̼Ja c xLA{ K VJߵ JW.

ܺdwX K آϵX IJ ȿ VJߵ. w KK V . M KMZ K dJ ߵ d֢ VJߵ VAX {A ߿ Ȉ dB{ ߿ ߵ B{ ߂GI.

dv ~, K HZ, dJ di޵K K dɵ..AK VJߵ dcĵZ. cdJ K di VJߵA J K ߿ Aa B{K. X M ߵ VJߵ ߂MZ dfVA . VK ߂ A dB{ ߵ ߼Ϣ A .

آȢ AX L{M K dJW NG ߵGK VJߵ ߂. VJa WcB{ B{ ޵K c ע VJߵ W dK. آJW ߂ V cc K VJߵA. Fdw JJK YGA IGK {C ޿ KK VKU آߵB{K dJa dϢ.VJߵ YG ע ߵA. v޼a I dB{W di B{K VJߵA ߂.

Ax K dJW dd, H, ܼ B ߵ ȿߵ{M di JW VJߵ J. d ܂dآϵX a K c A J޿ VK ٢dĢ WK ~ dfVA A޵J CW a â VJ K.

޿A{ ߈ K dJ W K K K VJߵ 浵c . Z G޿ ޵K I Aߵ{W {GK VJߵ dcfMG. dJ ~ ޿ KK d LK dJa . dJa dfA ɵX VJߵA EMZ IBKVA KW dĢ O VK.

dVX آȢ {G K dĢ ߵ dK A X OJߵ͢ އ . ߵ cdwJ ޷޿ ߿J ޵VA KK Wc dJAU a {V d a dĢ I df {JA G޿.

MG c޿ a G d I a xK ߵ VJߵ {GJW dɵ Ղ.

cX LA޿a zTUVA Ȣ K dJW df G߂M߂ dK VJߵ ߵע. U Ga A A߂ AK {W VJߵ df d A. Ja VE X dMK dJW VJߵ {BM޵J Ϣ K VAâ.

cX LA޿a K t ȷV AX dx K dJ VJߵ ע { ccK. ~ ޷ X JW {M߂ K Z VJߵ VJ ߵA.

da W ނ a AEߵZ JMZ K dJ cc dJ MG޵K dA K VJߵA. W ނWdϢ E c޿U M AEߵZ JM{W d U c޿U K VJߵA MAIK.

a Z, ߵaa adĢ. , a Hߵ{ ޢ B dB{W KK ΂MG K VJߵA AX ߂.

آȢ d c K dJ ߵ ע f EW Kޢ ccK. â W ߵK dJa ȿY. V ߵ dw߂U K dJa. MG a Ȉ J I bL Ģ AK ߵ A df AJ EK d c.

VJ b߂ K J K ܂dJa ߵ J K ߿X ߂ VJߵ VJ M TZ U K 'd c.
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VJߵ I ߂ K dI?
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