Updated Friday, March 27, 2015 03:22 AM IST
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 Story Dated: Friday, March 27, 2015 3:22 hrs IST 
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ȵW L{ { d޷ߵAX ǵɢ ȿJK x K L߂ dVJA 溇K ߃յK Fo ߵ. ϼJ x ֵ @dK . dĢ X߼K. I K Z WU B{K Ŀ J IK. f߂ K A, XV B dBZ BZ.K d JUψJ KW diB{ ȵ @dB{ M߂. , @Ȣ, Ģ, dwܢ B GߵW ZMJޢ.

B di ȵ @dBZA z W K { { ߵϵXA dĢ VAX ߢ .a A@W W آȢ K dĢ B ɢ I. 溇J ĵJa W WI K A a Z ܢ J ZAI K dG @K . { @d΢ M߂.

{ ϵJW ߂ ccW K . dĢ X߼ { ߵZ diAMG. ޷U آȢ W ޢ { ߵ{ W߂߂ dK. { dJ V 溇MG K dĢ 浵c .

XW V K MV x dJIKC V@c I KܵM B{ @dB{ fMJX A {A E.
߃VGW dVJ߂ K I dJa U OcĵV @K W ޷U E. ߃VG AJ X ߂ Oߵ{ A OW x ޿A JIKU. V VKU ޿B{ { zbJ d߂AK.

WdɵJ KK { dJW ߂. a â dJ A .A MX K ..adJ { KK ߵZ. {A A K Ma JK { ߂. cGW KJ M AK GOJGK Ϣ .

cW GAGW K ߿ J dJ Ϣ diAX W VMǢ IK. W K {W K آϵ { A . JX GJa @K dJܠ BZϵ ߵ NU dK. { dA ߂ A .

HJa cd߼ K dJ { ߵZ bVK J df V߂. d I dĢ {ߵ{ Ϣ ݿA ߵ{ { KK WA.
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