Updated Saturday, April 25, 2015 06:39 PM IST
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 Story Dated: Saturday, April 25, 2015 18:39 hrs IST 
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K K K ޿ dϢ GK A ע ߵA. W bL bJa պdc AK AW YG 溇K. Wɢ ص GJB dK C A MAޢ. KMAK c {A آϵX Wɢ A GJK.

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Xa آȢ ~BZ K dJ A di K. dJW cL E K ߵJJ .V.߼K C. 'fA{ ܂.... , ΢ޢ A {M .... K AK I BZ dĢ IBK TW A.
..X آȢ Vz K dJW GJK dcfMG. dɢV ϵJ dĢ ޵ W x ܂dآ.

濠Ja d wc dĢ dfVA ߵ N߂. d޵KW ߵ dfVA WX EK dJa ߼Ϣ. dfV I G b߂ dĢ B{{ x{W ޿. B A{ b.

..a K ݵU K dJ ߵJW K J. dJW dɢV ߈XJJ. Xa K ϵX. dĢ OX ߼߈.
KW dɢM G GA dB{ ޵ W X߼K. ..޼ آȢ cd, V߹, OߵZ, X آȢ xW, , Ja ~BZ, c, ߵV آȢ tȢ, d, Ȣ B dB{ޢ X߼B{K.

.. آȢ K dĢ a K J Ղ. X . dĢ X߼K. wc dE JK dfV Ib߂. VK ޺ V, , , WAx B dB{W a ߵ ߂.

KW a VƢ K dĢ d wcJ߿O dfVA ߺMJ d. A Ma Ϣ K 炂 df H { VK. údwX K K Ma οJ.

J J K K J dJ߂U B{K.
KW M K ȿϠ a IfB{ c K dfV K. .
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