Updated Monday, April 27, 2015 10:32 PM IST
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 Story Dated: Monday, April 27, 2015 22:32 hrs IST 
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G W dcfMK KK. ߂ I ߵZ K A آϢ KW W A߈. â μcX d.޷c JA c J߂. M ߵ{W ޼ߵ MAX .

UJW c J ȿGK. Z xV K dJ ע diAM . K dB{W ȿ G.ߵJA I K آϵX K. dĢ { Z. ϵX AJ ߺ KX dɢV.

{ ȢȿAKJK xW {W K AU fâ G. JW { Z AOZ K UJ J dJ MAX A K VK.

dJ dJ I AJ bբ KK. {W A ނ ނ dfBZ A f ȿJ K K . { { ߵ B KK. dXMdf͢ ȿJK . dJa TE AX I K iG I K߈ A. آ x. ɿ x. ߵ MV x. A K B{ JAK.

K a J dJW a ߵ. dJW dɢa ߵ K. ֢ ߈X U K dĢ . C c {IK.

'M E .... KAK ޿ VJ ߿AA fAK dJ A VA d zb MAX A ?

..޼ آȢ ߵ ߂ ᠠdJa 'AAKK.xW AK ~ᢠdJa ߂MZ dfV . I G K. d V׵K AJ.

ߵV آȢ t K dJ a ߵK. VJW fAMK d zb MAX A E.

.X V آȢ L K dJ a ߵ K. ψޢ dfV MG dB{K.

AJ GA B{ ߵ AX A E. ..NM ޼޷, Vɢ ޸M Nނ, M , WMBZ, K tcZ, dfXaM w, M cMLW, M ,M , M , Ϣ ߵM Vע, K K B dB{W ߂.

ܵϵ J OU M ΢c, VεZ A , Ȣ B dB{W ߵJW J. dcU dB{ dfV I ΢c, ֢~ɢ, , Ţ, AW, G B.

d ޼AK dɵK . , ޵, Z x I JW A Jxa {AK. dɢM { {W EJ gJM ߼, A K dB{W ߵE GXJ I EJ. ψޢ X߼B{ dB{.

Vo dĢ K dfVA AX K߈. Ȣ K dJW IU A Gߠ dcfMG J dfV I. x ȿ o { bAKW ο߈K {A B CWAX K K߈. ȿK W J J ȿ W . I Mᢠ AOZ dfV ~J ߿K Aߵ{W AK bAK.
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