Bonnie Jean Garmus (Serena Bolton)

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Bonnie Jean Garmus is an American author born on April 18, 1957

Image Credit: Serena Bolton

She's worked as a copywriter and creative director in the US.

Image Credit: Serena Bolton

She has lived in Switzerland and Colombia and currently resides in the UK.

Image Credit: Serena Bolton

Garmus' debut novel, "Lessons in Chemistry," was published in 2022 at the age of 64.

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The book garnered critical acclaim, winning awards like the British Book Awards Author of the Year 2023 and Waterstones Author of the Year 2022.

Image Credit: Serena Bolton

Beyond writing, she enjoys open-water swimming and has a competitive rowing background.

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The novel has been translated into 42 territories and is being adapted for television by Apple TV+ starring Brie Larson.

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