Irene Vallejo (James Rajotte)

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Irene Vallejo Moreu, born in Zaragoza in 1979, is a Spanish philologist, historian and writer.

Image Credit: Santiago Basallo-wikimedia-commons

Her first published book was a scholarly investigation into literary terminology in the Roman poet Martial.

Image Credit: James Rajotte

She is the author of two novels, three collections of essays, articles, short fiction and two children’s books.


She earned her doctorate from the Universities of Zaragoza and Florence.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Siruela-DeBolsillo

Vallejo is a regular columnist for El País and Heraldo de Aragón.

Image Credit: Toni Galan

Her book Papyrus was awarded the National Essay Prize and the Critical Eye Prize for Narrative in Spain.

Image Credit: Santiago Basallo

Mario Vargas Llosa has described the book as “a masterpiece” and it has now been published in 30 countries.

Image Credit: EFE-Julio César Rivas